ION’s process provides an efficient, cost-effective, and scalable solution to CO2 capture:

1. Established engineering process

Our proprietary solvent technology uses existing process technology and will be easily scalable for larger projects in the future.
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2. Lower capital expenditures

Due to the efficiency of ION’s novel solvent, the required facility size is much smaller compared to units capturing similar levels of CO2. The smaller plant size decreases the amount of capital needed for construction of the capture plant.
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3. Lower operational expenditures and parasitic load

An additional benefit of the higher efficiency of ION’s solvent is that it places a lower energy burden on the power source. This reduced energy consumption reduces overall operational expenditures required for a capture process, as well as reducing the amount of energy that would otherwise be used or sent to the energy grid.
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Fuel for the power plant is burned in the boiler. Steam from the fuel drives the turbines that power the facility. CO2 is emitted during the production process and released into the environment if there is no carbon capture process in place.



Flue gas rich with CO2 is directed into an absorption tower. ION’s solvent contacts the CO2-heavy flue gas and absorbs the CO2. Flue gas free of CO2 is then returned to the stack and safely released into the atmosphere.



The now-CO2 loaded ION solvent (“rich solvent”) is directed to the regeneration section of the process. The rich solvent is heated at which point the CO2 is stripped from the solvent. The captured CO2 is sent to be compressed and transported for utilization or sequestration.