Carbon Capture

Building the Bridge to a Zero-Carbon Future

Carbon capture is among the most exciting opportunities in the world today for reducing COemissions

The idea is relatively simple:

When coal or natural gas is used to produce energy, whether in a power plant, or in industrial applications, that process produces carbon dioxide, which is then released into the atmosphere.

The build up of CO2 in the atmosphere is a direct cause of global warming.

Thus, reducing COis essential for reducing the effects of climate change.

What if we could capture that CO2 before it enters the atmosphere?

Well, it turns out we can.

What if we could reuse that captured COin other industries?

Well, it turns out we can do that too.


Welcome to ION Engineering:

The Future of Carbon Capture


What ION Does







ION offers a host of services and technologies to help businesses determine the best possible path to reduce emissions.

ION provides a thorough analysis of your existing or proposed facility to determine precisely how our technology and services can help you achieve your carbon capture goals. We perform costing studies, technical economic analyses, and facilities evaluations for potential customers to gauge all of the necessary steps for effective emissions capture.

Path to Commercialization

~1 MWe


Alabama Project

Level I – ION completed testing at the National Carbon Capture Center (NCCC) in Alabama testing their liquid absorbent technology on coal-fired flue gas at the ~0.6 MWe (Megawatt Electric) scale in 2015.

>10 MWe


Norway Project

Level II – Beginning in 2016, ION will scale-up to 12 MWe through a test campaign conducted at the Technology Centre Mongstad located in Norway.

>50 MWe


Future Projects

Level III – The ultimate goal is maintaining plant facilities operating at an annual flue gas treatment rate at 50 MWe or higher.